A champion for UK investment

£10bn investment

£10bn investment in the UK’s broadband network, technology and services over the next five years

Expanding 5G

Accelerating 5G rollout to more than 100 towns and cities by the end of 2021

Connecting the UK

Ambition to connect a further 7 million homes to gigabit-ready networks, well ahead of the government’s current broadband ambition

Extra gigabit premises

Adding an additional one million premises to the 15 million homes and countless business that already gigabit-ready for broadband within 12 months of the merger closing

A champion for UK jobs and skills

New UK jobs

Creating around 4000 new UK jobs and establishing 1000 apprenticeships enhancing the UK’s digital skills base.

A champion for UK levelling up

School upgrades

Upgrading all state schools connected to our network to 1Gbps – FOR FREE

Social tariff

Introducing a social tariff to ensure households claiming universal credit can connect to our fibre broadband

Delivering better connectivity

Ensuring at least half of new gigabit-ready connections are in areas with low GDP or high unemployment